Do you know someone in our community who needs assistance?

  • Steps Together provides financial support to families impacted by a medical crisis that reside in SOMERSET COUNTY
  • Financial assistance includes but is not limited to medical expenditures not covered by recipients health care insurance (medically necessary procedures, medical devices or other services), pharmacy expenses not included by recipients prescription plan, clothing, food, housing (rent or mortgage payment assistance), utilities or other expenses deemed necessary by Steps Together.  
  • Invoices are required for all financial assistance as Steps Together will not give money directly to an applicant. 
  • Should a family wish, Steps Together can also provide support by establishing a web presence in our Steps Together network. 


Steps Together offers two levels of support. 

  • Families can apply for a one time financial grant up to $1,500. Click here for our one time grant application. 
  • Families with greater needs must complete our one time grant application and provide the following 3 documents. 
    • The first two pages of the family's most recent federal income tax return. Please black out all Social Security #'s.  
    • The completed annual expense spreadsheet.  Click here for form. 
    • The completed additional info form.  Click here for form. 
  • PLEASE MAIL TO Steps Together, PO BOX 5773, Hillsborough, NJ 08844 or scan via email

What happens after I apply? 

  • Applicants should allow 2 weeks for their application to be reviewed and 4 weeks for the processing of any grants.  
  • A phone interview will be scheduled to review your application and decide how we can best be of assistance. 
  • Please understand that is our desire to help every family that requests assistance but application volume varies. Please visit our resource page to see other organizations / tools that may be of assistance.