Quinn Knapp, 5, Martinsville

On August 20th, 2013, Quinn's mom took him to the doctor after noticing that he seemed very tired, was pale in color and seemed to be bruising easily.   The doctor took a look at him, asked some questions and said hold on while she made some phone calls.  The doctor returned and advised Kori, Quinn's mom, to have someone pick up their other kids, Caroline and Colin,  and to call her husband at work and head to Morristown Memorial Hospital to meet Dr. Halpern.    30-minutes after their arrival, they had a confirmed diagnosis of leukemia.   Treatment began immediately, they were in shock, their world came crashing down.  

Doctors told the Knapp family that Quinn's leukemia is85-90% curable which gives them a tremendous amount of hope.    Since that dreadful August day they have been plugging along with Quinn's treatment.  They expect to be done in the middle of April with consolidation and will then move into a 26-month maintenance program. 

Steps Together learned of Quinn's story through Jack's Kids, an organization that we often work with when supporting local families.   We ask that you keep Quinn and his entire family in your thoughts and prayers.   This has been a very difficult time for their family including his sister Caroline who is 10 and brother Colin who is 9.   

March, 2016 Update: Our family is very excited because now rather than counting down in years we have begun to count in months when Quinn will complete his treatment for leukemia.  December 2016, the Lord willing, he will be done with treatment.  Quinn has been an example of strength and bravery throughout this journey, there has been very tough times but he has always had a smile on his face and has pushed on.  He is now in first grade and is doing well and truly enjoys school.  This spring Quinn is very excited, he will be playing little league baseball.  He still has his port so we are going to make a protective pad for him to wear on top of his chest.  Thank you to everyone for the continued support and for keeping Quinn in your prayers.



  • Click here to follow Quinn's progress via his CaringBridge site maintained by his family.  
  • The Knapp family is above all asking for prayers but if anyone would like to donate new Legos, Toys R Us gift cards or Lego gift cards it would be more than appreciated.   Legos have become Quinn's outlet during all of this and every time he receives chemo, transfusions or has his counts checked he builds something.    For donation information, click here to email Steps Together as we coordinate this effort for Quinn.