Ways to Support Steps Together....

1.  Stay in touch.

2.  Share about Steps Together. 

  • Invite your friends to visit our page
  • Post about Steps Together in your social media outlets
  • Share our 2016 Team Video

3.  Visit our event calendar and support those in our community paying it forward.  Also visit the individual pages of our beneficiaries which often detail fundraisers specific to them.

4.  Host your own fundraising event.  Contact us to have it detailed on our website.

5.  Create a fundraising page for your event using our partner program with Razoo.  Click here to see those in our community already using Razoo to fundraise.

6.  Celebrate your birthday or anniversary with Steps Together.  In lieu of gifts ask for donations to Steps Together.  This is also a great idea for those who receive gifts around the holidays.

7.  Ensure all your online shopping and web searching benefits Steps Together.

8.  Shop our online store! More shirts spreads more awareness and 12% of all purchases come back to Steps Together.

9.  Click here to make a tax deductible donation to Steps Together.  Also visit the individual pages of our beneficiaries which often have online giving options.  Donations made directly to families are not tax deductible.

Need some fundraising ideas or tips?  These are written specifically to apply to our walking/running team but can be useful for any fundraiser!