In 2011, Hayley Filippini of Readington Township was diagnosed with a rare, inoperable, malignant brain tumor called pineoblastoma. After extensive radiation and chemotherapy treatment, several brain surgeries, as well as 5 months of in-patient hospitalizations at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Hayley returned to school in January 2012. However, in August 2013, Hayley relapsed and required an additional year of very difficult chemotherapy as well as 3F8 immunotherapy injections at MSKCC in NYC. Due to a questionable MRI in January 2015, she was placed on additional chemo as a precaution. Her strong faith in God is helping her trust in His promises that she will beat this monster and reach all of her dreams and live a long, happy, healthy year. Hayley would appreciate your prayers.

October 2016

Update: Hayley, now 18,  is currently home from her school in Minnesota due to the need for a shunt from pressure and fluid build up in the brain. After recovering from the procedure, she will be receiving additional chemo in an effort to destroy all cancer in her brain and spine. Hayley's prayer is to return to Hillcrest Academy in Minnesota to finish her senior year and graduate in May. Hayley is currently applying to colleges. Please continue to pray for complete healing for Hayley so she can live a long, happy, healthy life. The family will post updates when they feel comfortable via Hayley's carepage. Click Here To Follow Hayley's Carepage.

Hayley's Obituary

How can I help the Filippini family?

  • Among many stresses for Hayley, the financial impact of her diagnosis on her family is one that has caused her great worry.  Now 18 years of age, she has taken it upon herself to help offset the medical costs that her parents are facing by setting up a way for people to help.  Online contributions can be made to the family by clicking here.  Please note, contributions made direct to the family are not tax deductible.   ( * donation will be to Laurieann Nersten who is Hayley's mom)
  • Click here to donate via the GoFundMe page set up by Alexa, Hayley's cousin. 
  • Click here to make a tax deductible donation to Steps Together. Steps Together is a Hillsborough based 501(c)(3) organization that assists families in our community facing a medical crisis.   Steps Together assists all the families we detail. 
  • Visit our holiday wish list to see what the Filippini family is wishing for this season.
  • Host a fundraiser and contact Steps Together to have it detailed on this page.