Amy Muller, 35, Breast Cancer, Hillsborough (HHS class of '97)

Amy Thomas is a 35 year old single mother of a beautiful 7 yr old daughter who is struggling to make ends meet after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  Amy woke up one morning and went to take a shower and saw her breast was dimpled and deformed.  She felt a huge lump and went to the doctor immediately and had a mammogram and ultrasound done.  She was told she needed a biopsy done right away. 

On July 16th, 2014 she received that dreaded phone call from her breast surgeon that she had cancer.  Her whole world was turned upside down in a matter of seconds.  She was shocked because there is no family history of breast cancer and she is so young.  She never thought this could happen to her.

Amy then made the difficult decision to not only have one breast removed but to have both breasts removed. Two weeks later she had her first surgery to remove some lymph nodes to see if the cancer had spread through out her body.  Luckily the results came back negative.

Two weeks after that, before healing from her first surgery, she went on August 19th and had a bilateral mastectomy removing both her breasts.  Everything was happening so fast. 

On September 3rd, she went to the breast surgeon to get her pathology results from her mastectomy.  She thought she was in the clear and just had to rest and heal from the painful surgeries she just had.  She was wrong.  The pathology reports diagnosed her with Triple Negative Breast Cancer: a very aggressive cancer.  Her doctor continued to explain that she needed to see the oncologist right away and start aggressive chemotherapy.  The doctor also said she would not be able to work as she would be too weak and too sick.   Amy was crying in the office because she was a young single mom who is now not able to work.  She couldn't believe what she was hearing.  She was scared and frustrated all at once.  All she wants to do is be healthy and live long enough to raise her beautiful daughter.

When the oncologist explained she needed 5 months of aggressive chemo, Amy was devastated. The road ahead of her is very long.  Amy still has to have breast reconstruction and skin graphs surgeries, all of which is now very delayed.  Chemo started in October and Amy has been struggling physically and financially. 

Amy has always been a very positive person and has made the choice to fight and fight hard for her little girl. 

Updated 1/17:  2.5 yrs later after her diagnosis she is still struggling financially with medical bills and going through surgeries due to many complications. She has been in the hospital with MRSA 3 different times and has had 10 surgeries thus far. Amy is about to have her 11th surgery in the end of January 2017. Any help for this beautiful family is appreciated. 



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