I first heard about Steps Together from my trainer Laurie Vitale .. Went to my first training run August, 2013. Courtney Newman's Dad cooked an awesome breakfast after the run! I joined Steps Together shortly thereafter, and continued to train and ended up running five races from September through the end of the year, all 5k's ... Progress was fast, and I ended up running my first full marathon by the end of March! Just six months after joining Steps Together! .. Talk about grabbing the bull by the horns! I even created my own Run4Fun facebook page to share my progress.

Seeing the dedication and commitment of all the Steps Together members is very contagious .. I continue to train hard and improve; not only as a runner, but as a person. I have learned about paying it forward, about not taking anything for granted .. that everyday is a gift .. I am blessed with two beautiful, successful daughters, and the most loving, caring, supportive wife any man could ask for ... I have met some of the most incredible people I've ever known in my entire life within the last 12 months. I truly am blessed.

The "One Hundred Laps of Healing" was an idea that hit me while listening to a podcast about ultra runners who run timed endurance races .. They run either a 12hr, 24hr, 48hr, and even a six day run! On a track! The whole idea is to run as many miles as you can in the time you have. Since we have a local track at the high school, I figured if I can get as many people as I can to pledge .05 per lap and run as many laps as I can, I can raise a lot of money .. Then I changed it to 100 laps, which is twenty five miles (each lap around the track is 1/4 mile). The idea is to keep the pledge low so everybody can contribute .. Another dilemma was that I was 5 laps short of running a full marathon (thanks Eric Rubinson for pointing that out) .. So I'm going to do the extra five laps as a freebie to complete the 26.2 miles ... The last five laps I'll be wearing a superman shirt .. Not because I'm a superhero .. I'm no hero .. It represents the men, women and children that battle incredible odds everyday .. They are the true superheroes. 

100% of all funds raised will go to Steps Together, which in turn will benefit all eleven beneficiaries of Steps Together. The run will take place Sunday, August 17th at 7 AM on the track at Hillsborough High School - rain or shine!

Please share this page with everyone you know .. Let's make this fundraiser a huge success!  Thanks in advance for your support! 



Pledges as of 8.6.14 @ 10 PM.


Natalie Genovese - .05 per lap

Tony Genovese - .05 per lap

Mikayla Genovese - .05 per lap

Mackenzie Genovese -.05 per lap

Rebecca Newman - .50 per lap

Abby Lifts - .50 per lap

Brianne Mather - .25 per lap

Celia Arthur - .25 per lap

Robin Bloch - .25 per lap

John MacMaster - 1.00 per lap

Courtney & Mike Newman - .50 per lap

The Goldstein Family - .20 per lap

Carolyn Infante - .10 per lap

Patrick Sinclair - .33 per lap

Peyton Sinclair - .33 per lap

Gabriella Sinclair - . 33 per lap

Caroline Katmann - .25 per lap

Jeannie Demetrio - .25 per lap

Stacy Bisco - .50 per lap

The Araujo Family - .25 per lap

Dee Zimmerman - .25 per lap

Jeff Molesko - .25 per lap

Ralph & Phyllis Fariello - .50 per lap

The Begley family - .10 per lap

Run4Fun - .25 per lap

Melissa Hixson - .25 per lap

Carmen Mather - .10 per lap

Big Heads - 1.00 per lap

Rosana Ascenaio - .10 per lap

Karen Stillie - .10 per lap

Laurie Vitale - .50 per lap

Tim Charleston  - .05 per lap

Kristen Charleston - .05 per lap

Shane Charleston - .05 per lap

Gwen Charleston - .05 per lap

The Mariano family - .10 per lap

Jessica Freund - .50 per lap

Kristin Woodward - .10 per lap

Debi Vitale - .10 per lap

 Mayhem Cycles - .25 per lap

Carolyn Tighe - .25 per lap

 John Ferro - .10 per lap

Donna Vance - .05 per lap

Flor Ascencio - .05 per lap

Erin and Anish Ashtekar - .50 per lap

Kim Sheehan - .50 per lap

David Barker - .25 per lap
Marc Mizrachy - .50 per lap
Jennifer McKenna - .25 per lap
The Mercurio family - .25 per lap
Dora Wiggins - .20 per lap

The McPartland Family - .10 per lap
Derrith Spitzer - .25 per lap

Nitin and Shaheda Ashtekar - .25 per lap

John Bruder - .25 per lap
Colleen schwarz - .10 per lap
Mark Zenobia - .50 per lap
Jayne Mochnacz - .05 per lap
Eric Rubinson - .25 per lap




Natalie Ann Photography-25.00

Flex Training - 25.00

Flair Dance Academy - 25.00

Kathy Fetko Nowak - 10.00

Sue Genovese - 15.00

Marion Matalenas - 25.00

Anonymous - 100.00

Aaron Corona - 10.00

Marlene Nagy - 5.00

Lynn Moody - 25.00

Kristin  Wishnow - 20.00

Blanca Ascencio - 20.00
Dora Szep - 25.00
Trish Tomczak - 25.00

Edward Clerico - 100.00
Anonymous - 500.00
Gina L Betkowski - 100.00
Christine Battagliese - 10.00
Susan Choroszewski - 25.00
Sandra L Simpson - 25.00



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Like the idea of using a track to raise funds and awareness for Steps Together? Save the date, Friday, November 28th as Steps Together joins Track Friday.

Track Friday is a community-based movement to mobilize people to support charitable giving. Participants run laps on a nearby High School track to raise awareness and funds for causes that they care about. Track Friday is held the day after Thanksgiving to encourage people to reunite with old and new friends, burn off some Thanksgiving Day calories, and put a little love and giving spirit back into a day that has unfortunately become synonymous with commercialism.

Track Friday brings together the benefits of a charity team, an athletic event, and a community effort, without any of the pressures of intimidating distances, time clocks, fundraising minimums, travel, or complicated logistics. Participants can support any charity, run any distance, raise any amount, and run or walk on any track, at any time of the day on Track Friday!